Currently in data roles, you can specify data access to the teams that you specify. So that the team has access to view, edit and delete according to the hierarchy and users on the team. Following are the steps and explanation.

  • Click menu

  • Click Admin Menu

  • Click Teams Menu.

  • Then you can choose which team you want to set the data roles for

  • Then press Data Roles

  • Click edit button

  • Click one of the modules you want to change

  • Then you can adjust the Data Roles configuration to your liking. The following is an explanation of each Roles

  1. All : In this role, all users can view, edit and delete data even though the data is owned by the team or other users

  2. Group : In this role, access to view, edit and delete is limited to each team. So that users on certain teams cannot access data on other teams

  3. Leader + Owner : In this role, data access is restricted to the Leader being able to access all the data on his team, while other than the leader can only access their respective data

  4. Owner View : In this role, data access is limited to only the owner of that data who can access the data. So that other users cannot access the data of other users even if that user is a leader

  5. Leader + Group View : In this role, the Leader can access the entire data on the team, while in addition the leader can see the data on the team except the Leader

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