In BarantumCRM, you can easily manage your team through the admin on BarantumCRM. The following is a brief explanation of the Settings Teams display

  1. Menu : Settings menu
  2. Create New : to create a new team
  3. Hierarchical : Look at your company's management hierarchy in BarantumCRM
  4. Search & Show : Search for a team name and see the team according to the number you want to display per page
  5. Team Lists : A list of teams that you have created

The following are the steps to create a team on BarantumCRM

  • Click "Create New" on the Settings Teams page
  • And complete the fields
  1. Team name : The name for your team
  2. Description : A description of the team that you created
  3. Parent : Another team that has more positions than the team that you created
  4. Status : Your team's status
  • Then click Save to save the team data

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