When there is an incident you have to meet together with your teammates in the same place, automatically you also have to make an activity meeting 2, that is you and your friends, here are the steps for how to create the meeting

• Click the activities module, select meeting, then choose create new

• then fill in the meeting form according to what you need, then you have click save. For more details about filling out the form, see this article:

• Then you will see the meeting that you created that you have by looking at the meeting owner, like the picture below, to create a meeting of your colleague / teams,Then click the meeting subject

• Then select duplicate to create  your friends meeting so it's really the same

• Then you can change the meeting owner with the name of your team friend, if you click save

• Then here it will be seen that there will be the same meeting with 2 users, you and your teammates

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