Deals is the stage when the sales team has made an agreement with the customer regarding your company's products. In the Barantum CRM application, you can easily make deals, here are the steps:

  • Select buttom PreSales, then click deals

  • Click Deals icon then click Create New

  • Then fill in the form deals as you need, if you have click save

The following explanation:

1.Deals Name: The name of the deal
2.Contact Name: The name of the contact you want to make the deals

3. Organization Name: The name of the company you want to make deals with

4.Sales Stage: Stages of the deals
5.Amount: The nominal amount of the deal

6.Currency: The name of the currency for its deals

7.Description: Description for these deals
8.Deals Source: Where you can get the deals

9.Expected Close Date: The expected date of the deal is closed
10.Related Project: To correlate these deals with the project module
11.Deals Owner: The name of the deal maker
12.Comment: Comments on the deals
13.Attachment: To add files in the form of documents or images

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