This project module is used to monitoring the projects that you make, this project module will be related to module deals, for example there is a project to make hotel A, later in the area you will fill in what services are available in making hotel A, the following steps:

  • Click after sales,, Then select the project¬†

  • ¬†Then click the Create New

  • Then fill in the project you want to make, the following explanation:

1.ID Project: to fill in the project id
2.Project Date Start: the date the project starts
3.Project Status: the status of the project
4.Description: description of the project
5.Project Name: the name of the project
6.Project Date End: the project completion date
7.Project Value Money: the nominal of the project
8.Project Owner: the owner of the project
9.Organization: the name of the project company
10.Contact Name: contact / PIC of the project
11.Responsible For: position of contact / PIC of the project

  • Then when you make deals, you can correlate these deals with the project that you created

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