To confirm payment or billing BarantumCRM make sure you are the admin user on the BarantumCRM account.
The steps that must be done are
Go to the Settings menu> Billing

The following is the appearance on the BarantumCRM billing page

On the billing page, you will see some information about your BarantumCRM account billing, starting from Total Billing, number of Users billed, your CRM Package, the date you first created your CRM account and also your Invoice payment history.

Before confirming payment, you can view your BarantumCRM Invoice details by clicking the Details Invoice menu

After you click the Invoice Details you will enter the invoice detail page as shown below :

Confirm payment by clicking the Confrimation Payment menu in the Details Invoice page or you can directly confirm the Invoice Confirmation by clicking the Pay Invoice Menu on the Billing page

On the Confirmation Payment page, complete your data

Invoice Number : The invoice billing number that you will pay
Account Number : Your account number, which is used to transfer BarantumCRM payments
Transfer Amount : The amount of money that you transfer to make BaroiceCRM Invoice payments
Account Name : The name of the account holder
Date Payment : The date the BarantumCRM payment transfer transaction takes place
Bank Account : The bank name of your account
Information for Barantum : You can give us a note if there is a request or other information from you
File Upload : Upload proof of your BarantumCRM payment transfer, so as to speed up the Barantum team to check payments.

After you fill in the data above with the actual data, click Confrim to send your proof of transfer information.

The following are examples of forms that have been filled :

After the payment, the payment billing history will appear that the payment is in the process of approving from Barantum, with the following picture:

The Barantum team will immediately approve the payment for at least 1x24 hours.

When your payment is approved by Barantum, the waiting approval status will change to Paid Success

This is the tutorial for confirming payment for BarantumCRM, if something is unclear you can directly chat with our support on the website page or email [email protected].

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