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Creating Users / Inviting Users by admin
Creating Users / Inviting Users by admin

Want to increase the number of your sales in CRM Barantum? the following way

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  • In the Barantum CRM Menu, enter the Settings menu in the upper right corner then click "User"

  • In the user module then create new

  • Enter the new user data that you want to add / invite to the company, fill in the data with as much detail as possible for more accurate information

In the Email section, please enter the user email that you will invite, because when you save, BarantumCRM will send an email notification that contains, that the user has been invited to enter the company that you have chosen, then click "create new" to continue

  • Next open the email to the user you entered earlier, then there will be an incoming email from, then open the email

  • Open the invitation email from, then click "accept invitation"

  • After that, enter a new password to log in to CRM Barantum later, then click "submit" to continue

  • After that, enter the email that you invited earlier and the password you just created, then click "Login"

  • After that you will immediately enter the BarboardsCRM dashboards. 

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