Ping Plotter is used to monitor your internet network connection to destination server.

ping plotter is really help us in checking the stabillity of internet connection, here is how to use it:

  • In number 1 this is the address of your server destination (you can fill in each of your servers), then in number 2 how to run it

    Then we change the settings to find out the stability of our connection

    1. Right click on column number 1

    2.Then activate Jitter to check stability of the voice/voice network

    A. In Jitter, we can see the number, if the number is less than 10, it means the signal for the phone is good

    B. Change the interval to 1 sec so that the monitoring is more real time

  • at picture number 1, if there is a red sign, it means the signal is not in a stable state, then there will also be an indication to that the signal is unstable at what a time

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